DOOH – as simple as ABC


Reach out

Attract attention. With our state of the art, premium screens in attractive locations in Stockholm you can be sure to reach out to the city with your message. Not only to be seen, but to make the necessary impression thats needed.


Be creative

We work with digital experiences in an urban environment and we love a challenge. Together with you, we want to create messages on our outdoor LED-screens that contribute to the feeling of the city. Innovative ideas that engage, both us and the city.


We care about good ideas. Therefore, you can rely on us to make sure that your message is seen and not just shown. We are at the forefront of technological developments in digital marketing & big screen signage and have the  knowledge and elbow grease to transform your creative ideas into reality.

Digital signage has never been greater. Our challenge each day is to figure out how our modern, premium screens & technology can be used to create, inspire and communicate better than anyone else in the business of digital out of home. Together with our collaborators, we always get there.

Two unique locations with equally unique screen solutions in the middle of Stockholm, Sweden